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Hi! I'm Dmitry Kornyukhov

I'm an English-Russian translator and video game localization specialist from Toronto. I help video game developers, game publishers and localization companies translate their video games into Russian.

Here's what my clients say about me:

When I'm not busy helping my clients increase their sales through the power of translation, I try to give back to my beloved profession.

That's why I'm always creating initiatives and side projects that are designed to promote knowledge-sharing within our industry, help those who're just starting out in this profession, and improve the overall image and visibility of all translators.

One of such projects is the first blogging community and a professional social network for translators and for people who're looking for professional translators.

This community is called The Open Mic and now has almost 2,000 registered members with over 5,000 monthly readers. It has also won a 2016 Community Choice award as the Best Website for Translators.

I also co-host a one of the kind weekly talk show for translators called #TranslatorsOnAir (you're browsing its website by the way) where my friend and colleague Elena Tereshchenkova and I interview interesting people from the world of translation and localization while our viewers can participate in the discussion in real time!

Ok, what else? Oh, I also love GIFs! This is my favorite GIF at the moment:


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